Sunday, April 25, 2010

Caption Competition

I’m sorry, I can’t wait.

Following my daughter Carol’s comment on yesterday’s blog about the photograph of her husband, Chris, with a witch on his shoulder...

... I just had to share it with you!

I simply couldn’t resist taking it. The miniature witch on his shoulder whispering in his ear. The poster on the wall behind him, the red-faced blues singer leaning at exactly the same angle, his hands in the same pose as if he, too, were holding a camera (his lobster face was exactly the same colour as Chris’s after a day in the sun).

Now, here’s a thought. Anyone got any bright suggestions for what the witch might be whispering in his ear?

A prize for the best caption! (I’ll figure out later what that will be.)


DJ Kirkby said...

The witch is saying "Sultanas are evil, avoid them at all cost." Did Chris listen to her? Yes, I think he did as he sent a bag of them to our house to get rid of them!

Leigh said...

Oh nice but odd pic, love it :)

Leigh said...

Witch is saying,"Watch out for the camera gremlin, the last person I said this to did not heed my warning and ended up in this poster."

Anonymous said...

"The transformation wasn't a complete success. There's still a swirl of red n black ink from the poster on your T-shirt. Change the shirt and you'll be able to fool people that you are completely human..."

Carol said...

LOL....I didn't notice that you had put this up!!

(he did send DJ a packet of Sultanas through the post...don't ask!!)

C x