Monday, March 03, 2008


After a relaxing weekend of sunshine, Chinese and Mexican food, a barbecue at the Ward ranch, a movie, and the company of a group of funny and intelligent young people destined to determine the future of criminal justice in the US... dark clouds have gathered.

It is Monday morning. I have an event at Murder by the Book mystery bookstore in Houston at 6.30pm - and a storm is sweeping across Texas.

High winds and rain are already lashing the campus where we are staying at Huntsville, an hour or more north of Houston on the freeway. There are warnings of hailstorms and tornadoes, just at the time we are due to drive south.


Wish me luck!!

PS: A quick footnote to the event at San Mateo ten days ago. Click here for an article which appeared on the internet reviewing the evening.

Topping up with cash at a drivethru ATM. Nobody wants to get out of their car here.

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Anonymous said...

The review of the San Mateo event is the first time I can remember seeing one person described as "roguish", "waggish", "impish", and "Scottish" in one article.
Then again, since some people might consider all of those words merely synonyms perhaps it is not so unusual.