Wednesday, February 14, 2007


Yet another testament to the glamorous life of the writer - unblocking Susie's waste disposal with a toilet plunger. Yeeeugh!

The worst bit was when the thing suddenly slipped and sent vile, sticky, oily yuck splashing all over us.

Roll on San Diego!!


Stina said...

It's obvious, I think, that you really try to get the most out of this tour, Peter! All play and fun :-)
I wanted to tell you that I'm a member of the same clan as Ron Jin. After finishing my last job, I thought it was about time to read Extraordinary People. So I ordered it and it hit my door last Wednesday. Well, I didn't finish it the same day - sleep, food and household chores kept me - but Thursday evening I turned the last page. What a delicious story, not only thrilling but very humorous too! I loved it!

peter_may said...

I'm delighted you liked the book, Stina. Do you think Bzztoh might take it?

Stina said...

Let me put it this way, Peter, I have a very positive feeling about it!
By the way, I loved the China references in Extraordinary People, and Enzo's visit to the pathologist. I felt at home.