Friday, January 26, 2007


After the abscessed tooth and the burst water main, the final, disastrous indignity!

About three weeks ago, I had a root canal done on one of my front teeth, after which my French dentist told me that the tooth was very fragile, and that I should take great care when biting into stuff.

Well, I did.

But the damn thing went and broke on me anyway - last night, at the end of a great meal. And I don't even recall biting down on anything. But suddenly there it was, rattling about in my mouth - my front tooth.

And there am I, with twenty public speaking engagements over the next six weeks, looking like someone who escaped from a Dickens novel. A great testament to French and Scottish dentistry - or maybe just my crumbly teeth!

Oh, shit!

Well, Susie got me an appointment today with Stanley - he and I are getting to know one another too well. So, we'll see what the dashing dentist of Newport Beach can do to restore my good looks.

Okay, I can hear you say it already. What good looks?

Judging by the picture below, he's got a helluva job on his hands!

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